Photograph of Andrew Dunlop

“You never want to be the smartest person in the room, otherwise you’re in the wrong room. At Beacon, there’ll always be a smarter person in the room. I learn something new every day from the people here.”


Typical Day

First Things

  • Wake up at 7am everyday, and grab some coffee

  • I water my garden, then go for a run

  • Check the news and create a list of tasks to do for the day


  • Finding new leads

  • Meetings

  • Catching up with more distant leads

Last Things

  • Set aside time to learn a new part to Beacon everyday

  • Some more meetings

  • Will take a break but I continue to do more work into the night


Newly Hired at Beacon

At Beacon, I am a Sales Executive. I was hired in March 2020, so I’m fairly new to the company. My role is to promote Beacon to new prospects and clients, with the goal of expanding Beacon and generating new revenue. I also follow leads produced from different forms of marketing pieces and outreach. In sales, you need to know a little bit of everything in the company, because we’re typically the first point of contact with a potential client.

Upcoming Goals

A goal of mine is to expand the range of client types we have at Beacon and grow the risk management side to our company. My background is mostly in the alternative asset management space, but Beacon has the potential to positively impact many different business sectors. We are actively working with a wide mix of clients, from banks and insurance companies to energy and power traders. Even though there is a lot of variance between these sectors, Beacon’s flexibility, scale, and code transparency make it easy to adapt to each client’s needs.

Great Startup Opportunities

I’ve had many opportunities working at a startup that I wouldn’t typically get at a larger firm. Being involved on the marketing side of things is definitely different for me. Big companies, such as my previous jobs, hand you the marketing material and that’s it. At Beacon, our sales team is much more involved, and it lets me be more creative and help create the material that will work best for me. Another benefit to a startup is having more access to your coworkers, and higher ups. Speaking to the founders of the company and having them value and be interested in your opinions is rare. It’s a team effort here, and when everyone gets involved, the end result is amazing.

Connections Between Work and Personal Life

I actually find I like mixing work and home life. I don’t need the separation because I love what I do. Sales is a social position, and I feel that my personality aligns well with my career. I have a passion for finance and trading, and at Beacon I have the ability to help these companies enhance their results with our product.

What Motivates Me

The best feeling and what motivates me is closing deals. Closing deals is what every salesperson wants to do. It’s the reason we get up in the morning. Learning and growing my network are the two best things.


Fast Trivia:


Tennis, Cricket, Rugby, and Formula One


I’m very passionate about music. My range is pretty broad going from classical to heavy metal


Shows based around true events, for example, Band of Brothers


Seychelles, an island off the East coast of Africa, was an amazing place to travel


French Cuisine, and ‘tapas’ style dishes

Favorite Things

Tennis, Skiing, and finding new places to go on holiday

Joined Beacon

March, 2020


University West of England Bristol, Degree in Business


Born in Cape Town, South Africa

Grew up in London

Work Location

London, U.K.