Beacon Quote is a front office application used for pre-trade structuring and pricing of cross-asset portfolios. This comprehensive tool enables you to build portfolios, view historical or real-time market data, run a variety of risk reports, and analyze market data with a range of statistical tools.

Part of Beacon Front Office Suite

Beacon Quote is part of Beacon’s Front Office Suite of applications. Beacon Front Office Suite is a cross-asset trading and risk management system, with end-user applications and underlying suite of financial data models and analytics, built on Beacon Core. Front Office Suite includes a variety of applications for research, trading, position management, risk management, workflow automation, and more. You can easily integrate your own data sources and quant libraries, and our source code is licensed as part of the platform enabling you to add your own proprietary features.



Building and Pricing your Portfolio

You first build your desired portfolio by adding or removing financial instruments, with each column representing a specific position of asset type and quantity. The whole view can also be transposed, with each row representing an asset position. At any time you can choose the market data that you want to see, either with historical closing data or intraday, real-time information. The right-hand column provides you with appropriate totals summed across the columns, and the colors represent different characteristics of each row or cell. For example, the yellow cells in each column represent output fields that are solved for based on your input, such as the unit premium based on the specified strike price. These fields also work in reverse—editing the overall Premium amount will update the Quantity. You can save and load multiple different portfolios, and selectively share them with others in your team or department.

Selecting and Editing the Market Environment

The right side of the main screen shows the currently selected market environment, whether historical or real-time, pricing data, and other relevant information. You can edit the market environment to quickly evaluate the effect of various changes. Modified cells are clearly displayed in orange, and you can reset them to their original value simply by hitting the delete key.

Running Risk Reports

For each portfolio you can run a wide range of available reports, and customize the output based on your desired parameters. While simpler reports are run in real-time, you can choose to run reports that take longer to price through Beacon’s cloud-compute grid scheduler, for example reports with complex structures or extended calculations.

These are just a few of the features and functions available in Beacon Quote. To learn more about Beacon Quote and how Beacon Platform, contact us for a brief consultation, or schedule a full demo, at