Our mission is to enable members of the Beacon ecosystem to interact and innovate in ways not yet imagined, driving value creation beyond what individual participants could achieve alone. Customers can create their own apps and modules, buy applications from Partners, and externalize applications for their clients, all hosted on our enterprise-grade cloud platform.

Our Partners

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App Developers

App Developers create solutions atop Beacon that supplement Beacon’s Front Office Suite or provide stand-alone solutions. Beacon’s unique operating framework allows customers to select applications from a variety of App Developers to create a solution tailored to their use case. Beacon’s App Store helps connect App Developer partners with customers.

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Cloud Partners

Beacon can operate in any Cloud environment. Beacon engages with Cloud partners and prospects on an on-going basis to reveal new opportunities as use cases arise.

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Data Partners

Data Providers provide data to Beacon customers and Beacon Technology Partners via the Beacon Data Exchange. Data Providers expose their data to Beacon developers via Beacon’s data fabric and feed it into Beacon data-driven components to create rich and interactive apps and analytics.

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Service Partners

Service Partners provide customers with trusted and validated experts to help with any and all aspects of a Beacon project, including prototype and proof-of-concept development, implementation, data integration and migration, performance optimization, and training. Certified Developers help Beacon customers get to market faster and at scale.

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Beacon App Store

Coming soon. Beacon App Store is a digital exchange for partners and customers to market and discover apps and integrations customized for their needs. App Developers can build, test, and deploy apps directly on the Beacon Platform, ready for customers to explore and integrate into their businesses.

Beacon and Symphony Integration

Beacon / Symphony integration automates and streamlines workflows with apps and bots that perform routine duties, from filling out forms to providing real-time pricing and risk information. Enabling richer human-to-human and human-to-machine interactions delivers increased efficiency and operational risk reduction.

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