"It takes a larger insurance company months to put together a scenario that stresses the entire company across assets and liabilities. With the enterprise risk infrastructure being built with Beacon, we will be able to do it in days" 

- Peter Cai, Chief Risk Officer, Global Atlantic Financial Group

Beacon for Insurance Companies

Beacon enables insurance companies to modernize their technology for best-in-class risk management, portfolio management, and asset/liability management. Leveraging our experience in building and deploying enterprise technology at some of the largest and most successful financial institutions in the world, we designed Beacon to provide the right blend of rigorous controls, agility, and scale. 

Best-in-Class Tools 

Risk Management

  • Intraday view of positions across the business

  • Powerful business projection tools

  • Reconciliation reporting on projected vs actual cash flows

  • Reinsurance pricing


Asset/Liability Management

  • Integrated data warehouse with audit and version control tools

  • Forward-looking market and business simulations

  • Comprehensive scenario analysis

  • Consistent valuations and capital calculations across portfolios

Portfolio Management

  • Dynamic hedging and portfolio rebalancing tools

  • Sophisticated trading system

Technology Management

  • Proven enterprise technology platform empowers internal quants, data scientists and technologist teams

  • Enables small cohesive teams to own and manage the entire technology stack

  • Creates flexibility and scalability for the technology organization

  • Includes enterprise technology tools plus transparent source code for financial models 


  • Unlock capital

  • Increase return on equity

  • Improve hedging capabilities

  • Automate manual workflows

  • Reduce hardware costs

  • Improve efficiency and mitigate operational risk

  • Reduce technology footprint

  • Create a successful technology / quant / data science organization with commercial impact

  • Adapt to changes in business and markets with flexible, scalable technology


We understand that seamless integration is a top priority for our clients, so we designed Beacon as a solution that can run alongside in-house and vendor risk management systems.  Rather than requiring a lengthy and complicated migration, our approach to integration front-loads commercial value by quickly delivering front office tools, such as consistent cross-business reporting and analytics, while gradually improving or replacing existing systems over time.

To learn more about how Beacon is helping insurance companies accelerate technology, please contact us at info@beacon.io

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