Beacon Platforms is excited to announce their partnership with Gasum, an innovative Nordic gas sector and energy market expert, to help Gasum expand their business and better service new and existing clients. Gasum offers a cleaner energy solution for their clients in industry, heat and power production, transport and maritime.

Gasum was looking to expand the range of products they can trade, but were finding it difficult to incorporate new financial instruments and functionality into their existing pricing and risk systems. They chose Beacon Platform as the ideal solution to take their trading systems into the future. Gasum’s quant team plans to automate some of their current workload, freeing up time and resources and enabling them to work on more forward-looking and strategic projects. The team will also be using the integrated Beacon Quote, part of the Front Office Suite of applications, to price instruments such as futures strips. As they roll out broader functionality across the team, they are also exploring Beacon’s X-Value Adjustment (XVA) tools for deeper and ad-hoc risk analyses.

“In the long run, we expect that Beacon will become an integral part of Gasum’s business development, enabling us to more quickly expand into new markets and new products, and generally better service our clients,” said Jouni Liimatta, Head of Trading at Gasum.

Beacon is the only platform to provide source code within an integrated development and quant platform for Python developers/quants. This transparency and flexibility enables commercial developers to easily build, iteratively test, and tweak models, analytics, and end-user applications. Beacon removes the challenge of having to build from scratch or coordinate a complex technology stack.

“The power and flexibility of Beacon’s buy and build model is an excellent way for companies to focus more resources on their key areas of expertise and competitive advantage, without having to reinvent standard functionality and cloud infrastructure management,” said Tapio Behrndt, Senior Quant at Gasum.

About Beacon

Beacon Platform moves financial markets into the future with secure and scalable quant technology, elastic cloud infrastructure, and front-office applications. The integrated development environment and a web application framework make developing applications faster and easier. Born from decades of collective experience developing trading and risk management systems for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan Chase, and Goldman Sachs, Beacon Platform gives you the robustness and flexibility of these powerful tools. See how you can increase the return on research and development investments from Beacon’s next-generation platform for enterprise-scale analytics, trading, risk management, and more at,

About Gasum

The energy company Gasum is a Nordic gas sector and energy market expert. Gasum offers cleaner energy and energy market expert services for industry and for combined heat and power production as well as cleaner fuel solutions for road and maritime transport. The company helps its customers to reduce their own carbon footprint as well as that of their customers. Together with its partners, Gasum promotes development towards a carbon-neutral future on land and at sea. The Gasum Group has around 380 employees in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Germany. The company’s revenue totalled €1,128 million in 2019. Gasum is owned by the State of Finland.