“My job can be related to an editor of some sort. The vision isn’t initially mine, but it’s a blast to find the most effective means of executing it. Working from the ground up to create applications and releasing the best version possible is one of my favorite parts of working at this company.”

Typical Day

  • Starting and checking emails and appropriate Slack channels
  • I try to have meetings in the beginning of the day
  • Working on documentation framework
  • Lunch Break
  • Walk around my neighborhood to get fresh air 
  • Rest of my day is all about writing code, my favorite part!


I am a Financial Engineer working  on the trading and risk management team supporting Beacon’sFront Office Suite (FOS). The Front Office Suite is a cross-asset trading and risk management system, with end-user applications and an underlying collection of financial data models and analytics, built on Beacon Core. I support and expand the application functionality to continuously improve our platform. Another part of my job is updating and maintaining the Sphinx documentation of our API. 

Great Startup Opportunities

I’ve actually had the pleasure of being with the company since we were about 12 people. It’s been a joy watching the company grow as only a startup can, but more importantly, even now that we’re so much larger, we haven’t lost the friendly culture of those earlier days.

What Motivates Me

The concept of getting to work on something fresh and new energizes me in a  way that few other things do. I love making a product properly from the ground up, and seeing the evolution of our efforts. Being a part of the behind the scenes production, and seeing the evolution of our work inspires me to continue to do the best work I can.

Upcoming Goals 

I’d like to continue working on our documentation framework. This is a great time for that, as we are rolling out new versions of applications. Documentation is key for our clients as we are rapidly growing. My goal is that these resources will help onboarding clients faster. 


Fast Trivia:


Impressionist Paintings and Bauhaus Architecture 


I enjoy playing guitar, and you can’t go wrong with listening to Taylor Swift


My all time favorite movie is Casablanca. Currently my fiancee and I are watching Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix.


Istanbul was fascinating- you could feel the history and culture throughout the city


Chinese Food. My local go-to spot has Pastrami Egg Rolls, and they are delicious

Favorite Things

Trivia, Reading, and Ice Cream

Joined Beacon

June 2016


Master’s in Computer Science, NYU

Aerospace Engineering, Case Western Reserve University

B.A. in Economics, Case Western Reserve University


Staten Island, New York

Work Location

New York, New York