“Beacon is a person accelerator.”


Typical Day

First Things

  • I prioritize communication (Slack and email), so that I can direct my course for the day
  • Although my days are ever changing, around 50% is coding  
  • Coordinating with our Apps and Partnerships team, globally


  • Strategic work on our UI projects, Glint & Desktop
  • Deep hedging initiatives, check-ins with my team and background research

Last Things

  • Take time to distribute and share information with the correct people, to keep everyone up to date
  • Find time for exercise or a personal project


Although I was hired to work on client projects in the Front Office Suite, I’ve ended up spending a lot of time leaning into my UI/UX expertise. I have been working on Beacon’s full stack UI framework, Glint, since before it even had a team, and built the first production Glint application for one of our clients.

Recently, I also helped form the team around our new Desktop project – the platform’s primary frontend and launchpad for our clients, so named because some of us like to think of Beacon as “an operating system for the cloud”.

This year I co-supervised two master’s students in collaboration with Imperial College London exploring the application of Deep Hedging to Heat Rate Options. In addition, I’ve been doing some work in our Apps and Partnerships division, and I’d love to get more involved in that part of our company! 

Great Startup Opportunities 

I was always terrified of getting an office job. I used to think that to have balance in my work I would have run my own company, which I did do previously, but now I realize that’s not always the case or the only consideration. Beacon has given me the opportunity to have control over my responsibilities and the flexibility to experience and work in different areas of the company. I wouldn’t have the ability to do that in a larger company. It is a key motivation factor for me, knowing that I am not siloed but am skilling up in different aspects of the world of a tech start-up.

Upcoming Goals 

Many things come to mind when asked this question. I am keen to continue our Deep Hedging research with partnership collaboration and an academic paper. I would also like to help on the tech side with potential partnerships.


Fast Trivia:


Gymnastics and bouldering


Architecture and minimalism


Above & Beyond


My current favourite is the Netflix series Abstract: The Art of Design


I’ve visited over 40 countries, but a highlight was definitely when I took 6 weeks out to cycle over 1000 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, across Cambodia to Bangkok, Thailand.


Guilty Pleasure is fast food, but mostly and pasta and rice

Favorite Things

New music, keeping active, learning German, personal projects

Joined Beacon

September 2017


Master’s in Computer Science, University of Bristol


South England

Work Location

London, U.K.