Bobby Morris Photograph 

“Beacon is such a powerful platform, and I love to show people how beneficial it can be for their company.”


Typical Day

First Things

  • Working on the West Coast, I have to be up pretty early which helps me get a head start on my day

  • I connect with the New York and London teams and map out my tasks for the day based on ongoing projects

  • Catch up with what’s going on with our Front Office Suites (FOS), team. It’s important for me to stay updated so I can keep the clients properly apprised


  • Afternoon meetings and demos are pretty typical for me

  • I’ll try to build something to leverage out a component discussed in the FOS meetings, such as new features or core updates

  • Once done building, I try to make a demo model, so if any existing or potential clients ask about it, we have something ready to show.

Last Things

  • An early start to my day enables me to wrap up around 3:00 PST

  • I try to spend some time outdoors or play with my cat


Pre- Sales Engineer

The goal of my position, as a Senior Pre-Sales Engineer, is to make it easy for the sales team to sell Beacon to as many clients as possible. My day to day is a lot of client engagement, showing them the platform and what Beacon is all about. Once they have an overall understanding of what Beacon is, the next step is to find out what specific problem Beacon can help them solve. Then for the next demo I usually build out something specific to show them how Beacon is flexible and extensible enough to solve any of their problems.


Great Startup Opportunities

I like the idea that I can understand the full business model. At smaller companies everyone has their specialization but there are also more responsibilities. This allows people to have a holistic understanding of how the various aspects of the company work. More importantly, knowing my co-workers, and working closely with others are great advantages when it comes to startups.


What Motivates Me

Solving problems internal and external. With clients, sometimes I will present solutions to an issue they didn’t even know they had, or give them the option to make something better! This is why Beacon Platform is so powerful, and it is motivation in itself to show people how much we can help their company.


Upcoming Goals

Demonstrating Beacon’s capabilities in the areas of big data with our new technical partnerships. Beacon as a platform allows users to leverage not only our internal tech stack, but to integrate with 3rd party technologies. I want to show how a client can pull market data from any data vendor, run complex queries using the power of Snowflake or Redshift, and visualize the results in our UI framework within Beacon.


Fast Trivia:


Tennis, Flag Football, and Softball


That’s my wife’s area of expertise, I love the work she creates.


Country, Americana Music


The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly


I took a year off and travelled in Asia, it was an experience I’ll cherish forever. During my travels, I became a divemaster in Thailand for a bit.


Korean BBQ

Favorite Things

Hiking, Gardening

Joined Beacon

January, 2018


Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering, Georgia Tech University


Marietta, Georgia

Work Location

I was based in the New York Office, but have recently moved to California.