“Working in an environment that enables me to learn new things all the time motivates me. At Beacon, there’s a never-ending opportunity to do so.”

Typical Day

First Things

  • Like a good millennial, I pick up my Venti Starbucks iced coffee on the way to Beacon’s NYC office
  • Check Slack for any critical issues or important developments from our global teams
  • Review my calendar, client emails, support tickets, and dashboards to identify key focus areas for the day
  • Lead regular touchpoints with my clients to understand their immediate and long-term needs and look for new ways for clients to derive value out of Beacon Platform


  • Memorialize key action items from client touchpoints and ensure open items have the correct owners at Beacon
  • Share new insights about our clients with colleagues in Sales, Product, and Professional Services
  • Prepare decks for client presentations with support and delivery data

Last Things

  • Work on my clients’ priority support tickets and help the Technical Customer Support (TCS) team with anything they may need
  • Work with engineering on outstanding feature requests and bug fixes; ensure that client requirements are understood and documented
  • Participate in regular team meetings to share best practices and discuss upcoming features and projects
  • Ensure all content and relevant parties are ready for upcoming meetings later in the week 


Beacon Customer Success Managers help clients derive value from Beacon Platform by understanding their needs and helping them solve problems. To this end, I’ll work with many different internal teams. For example, I work closely with the Technical Customer Support desk to resolve support incidents, understand support trends/root cause, and ensure a positive support experience for clients.

We also collaborate with Beacon Product Management/Engineering to advocate for the interests of their clients and inform product roadmap and feature request decisions.

Great Startup Opportunities

I’ve always been interested in start-ups and technology. I previously worked at a small ecommerce business and wore a lot of different hats. But it’s the customer service aspect I like the most and, after previously working at a FinTech, I became very intrigued with the need for technology and automation in the financial world. Beacon offers an opportunity to continue working in this arena.

What Motivates Me

The opportunity to work in an environment that enables me to learn new things all the time. It’s never-ending here at Beacon. 

Upcoming Goals

I’m currently working on getting my AWS Certified Practitioner certification so I can be more hands-on with infrastructure support and prescribe best practices.

I’d also like to have a great summer successfully growing tomatoes in my garden. 

Fast Trivia:


No preference, I’ll listen to whatever is on. 


Buffy the Vampire Slayer


I read a lot of nonfiction and biographies, specifically lots of Civil War history. I’m currently

working my way through Grant by Ron Chernow.

Favorite Trips

I love London. I come from a big museum family and I really enjoy the British Museum and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.



Favorite Things

Gardening, Civil War history, reading, traveling, and learning new things

Little Known Fact

I have been interviewed for both Luxembourgish and Japanese television.

Joined Beacon

November 2021


Binghamton University: B.A. in Geological and Earth Sciences/Geosciences


Fairfield, Connecticut 

Work Location

New York