Creative freedom and thinking allow me to flourish in my role here

Typical Day

First Things

  • Get my kids ready and off to school
  • A morning run or bike ride
  • Check overnight emails and slack messages
  • Scan of media for any shifts in trends 


  • Prospecting
  • Emails and calls 
  • Step away from the computer for about 30 mins to read 

Last Things

  • Check-in with the NY team
  • Discovery Calls/ Demos
  • Internal Meetings


I am the Business Development Manager for our team of BDRs (Business Development Representatives) across the London and New York offices. We act as additional resources to the sales team to reach out to target companies, finding key figures, and getting in contact with them. My job entails coaching and mentoring best practices on prospecting, driving conversions, and collaborating with the sales executives. One of my main responsibilities is to drive up the number of booked demos and increase the sales pipeline.  

Great Startup Opportunities

Creative freedom and thinking allow me to flourish in my role here at Beacon. At larger corporations, that kind of mindset isn’t always appreciated or encouraged. I get to run with my ideas and turn them into reality.  Also, the flexibility to work remotely and in the office. 

What Motivates Me

Being able to mentor my team really motivates me. Working together to deliver on their quotas creates an environment where we feel open to collaborate and help each other. Also knowing that our work is helping the sales executives make deals, thus, in turn helping the company overall. 

Upcoming Goals

I categorize my goals into the short and long term. My short-term goals are to have my business development representatives, BDR’s, fulfill their quotas through the end of the year. We are on track with that goal, and my hope is to exceed that target. Also by the Year 2022, I’d like to personally continue to grow my knowledge of our product. As for my team, I’d like to recruit new BDRs in our NY and London offices, which we are currently working on to continue to expand our team’s capabilities. Finally, a top goal for me is to have 70% of our sales pipeline come from BDRs, and by year-end I’d like to see a handful of the DEMOs that BDRs have pushed through go to POC or better.

Fast Trivia:


Indie / Alternative, Grunge: Radiohead, Nirvana, PIXIES


Walking Dead, Peaky Blinders, anything James Bond, and Scifi

Favorite Travel Location

Prior to the 11th July I would’ve said: Tuscany, Italy 


Italian, or Indian

Favorite Things

Watching most sports, especially football (soccer), cricket, reading, Formula 1 racing, music and genealogy  

Joined Beacon

Dec 2020


Kent, United Kingdom

Work Location

London, UK