Maria Adamjee headshot

We’re in an environment filled with risk-takers. No one is risk-averse and we’re all willing to try new things.”

Typical Day

First Things

  • Start day with coffee and a podcast at 5 am
  • Usually do a quick workout or a yoga session 
  •  Start work around 8 am


  • Spend time reading about different developments in the fintech space, including regulations, client news alerts, and current events. 
  • Talk to existing partners and understand how their initiatives align with Beacon’s goals. 
  • Reach out to prospective partners to brainstorm collaborations.

 Last Things

  • Recap everything I’ve done for the day and check items off of my ever-evolving to-do list
  • I like to take afternoon meetings from my backyard 
  •  I pull out my copy of Salt, Acid, Fat, Heat and whip up a recipe for dinner. I also spend some time every evening throwing around the frisbee

Creating my Own Path 

At Beacon, I am a Partnership Sales Executive. My role is to develop partnerships with Cloud, Data, ISV, and SI service providers. Our clients rely on an ecosystem of solutions to operate their businesses. I build partnerships that will make our clients’ workflow simpler so Enterprise customers can have the same flexible user experience with their App and software deployments as retail users do with their iPhone or Android Apps. My role is 50% strategic: I determine which partnerships would benefit our clients as well as Beacons product roadmap. The other 50% is sales: I connect with individuals at organizations that are in the process of migrating their workloads onto the cloud and are looking to externalize their data and analytics to their customers. There is an important trend driven by broader themes of decentralization, open-banking, and data delivery where organizations are seeing a demand for self-service tools from their clients. Beacon helps to deliver analytics via web-based applications to make data consumption much easier. If you don’t commercialize your data then your data is not an asset, it’s a liability.

The most important aspect of my role is to ensure that we provide a high-value service 

Connections Between Work and Personal Life

 My role at Beacon aligns with my interests. At Beacon, I am constantly confronted with new ideas and surrounded by intelligent and interesting people. I often have those “ah-ha” moments as the proverbial apple smacks me on the head. I enjoy problem-solving at Beacon as well as in my personal life. Beacon is not just a job: it is an opportunity for me to be a thought-leader while surrounded by exceptional people. During my interview, I was asked, “When was the last time you learned something new?” I responded, “I am always learning! The pursuit of new skills keeps me motivated!” Currently, I am learning a new language and trying to master ultimate-frisbee.

Great Startup Opportunities 

The biggest advantage of working at a start-up is that I get to go for it. Beacon encourages people to dive in with both feet. The organization is perfect for self-starters and open about what individuals work on and which initiatives they choose to lead. We are in an environment filled with risk-takers. No one is risk-averse and we are willing to try new things. It is nice to be in an environment where idea generation is nurtured.

What Motivates Me

Out of the box ideas! I am motivated by big-picture, White-whale ideas that come around infrequently but when they do, it is all hands on deck to harpoon them. Being surrounded by such talented people with diverse backgrounds generates a lot of unique ideas. Those get me excited! I also (not so secretly) love regulations. Several big problems can be solved at the intersection of regulation and technology in capital markets that Beacon is prime to productize. 

Fast Trivia:


I enjoy playing soccer, skiing, and paddleboarding. I love watching the winter Olympics, soccer, and basketball.


Culinary Art


Reggae, 90s alternative rock, and Bollywood music!

TV and Movies

Food Network, the Westwing, and The Office. Rounders, Gladiator, and The Dark Knight



Favorite Things

Hiking, Paddleboarding, Frisbees, Puzzles, and Cooking

Joined Beacon

March 2020


Economics and Astrophysics, University of Toronto
Masters in Applied Statistics


Born in Tanzania grew up in Toronto, Canada

Work Location

New York, NY.