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Broadview Capital Holdings Scales Business and Increases Adaptability with Beacon Platform

New York, May 30, 2024 – Beacon Platform Inc. is pleased to announce that Broadview Capital Holdings, a subsidiary of Broadview Group, is deploying Beacon’s extensible, multi-asset financial technology platform to scale its trading business and enhance the ability to adapt to ongoing changes in the market. In the initial use case, Beacon’s Trading and Risk Management package will enable Broadview’s trading business to more effectively measure performance, rapidly respond to changes in risk, and optimize portfolios with custom analytics.

Beacon’s open platform and high-speed streaming data integrations are essential to providing Broadview with a rapid migration path to a front-to-back trading system. The initial deployment will connect to and ingest trades from exchanges and 3rd-party data sources, reconcile and settle transactions, and recalculate PnL on demand. Beacon’s cross-asset Trade Ingestion Frameworks capture and manage trades across multiple sectors, including equities, ags, softs, metals, energy, and other products. Backed by Beacon’s cloud-native compute infrastructure, Broadview’s traders will use the platform to automate manual processes, streamline workflows, and scale the business in ways that they could not accomplish with other black-box trading systems.

“As we looked at what was out in the space we were continually impressed with how Beacon was built – they had the strongest capabilities across multiple asset classes,” said Andrew Hedrick, Director of Technology, Broadview Group. “Every time I saw a new function in their demo I thought ‘that’s exactly how I would have thought about designing it’. We’re excited to level up our back office and replace manual processes with automation thanks to Beacon. We think Beacon will truly help us scale our operations without adding personnel.” 

“It has been great working with Broadview to understand their needs and help them scale their business,” said Kirat Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of Beacon Platform. “Our integrations and out-of-the-box functionality will get them up and running quickly, while our customizable and extensible code enables them to adapt the platform to their unique needs. It really underscores that we are selling business outcomes, not just technology.”

About Broadview Group

Broadview Group Holdings, LLC invests in and partners with successful business owners and growth-oriented leadership teams to help scale and create significant and sustainable value in commercial and industrial products, specialty distribution, industrial services and food and agriculture businesses.  Our permanent capital base and long-term perspective ensure true alignment with our partners and portfolio companies.  Broadview Group’s principals have decades of experience leading and scaling businesses and providing strategic insight and other expertise as executives, lead investors and board members in a variety of businesses and industries. For more information visit broadviewgroup.com. 

About Beacon

Beacon is a financial technology firm that provides everything quantitative developers need to rapidly build, test, deploy and share trading and risk applications, analytics and models. Developed by a team with unmatched financial markets experience, Beacon’s unified platform includes the apps, tools and infrastructure firms need to migrate their software and infrastructure to the cloud, manage risk across all asset classes, and focus on building innovative strategies that provide a competitive edge. For more information visit www.beacon.io.