Photograph of Jennifer Skrapits

“I love to try new things, and I learn something new every day at Beacon. Coming from investment banking and the equity trading floor, my prior experience with Human Resources was more general. Beacon allowed me to create my own path, and that’s something you wouldn’t get in a traditional company”.

Typical Day

First Things

  • Wake up and check my emails

  • I walk the office floor, and greet all the early birds, like myself

  • Grab my coffee, and look over my to-do list I’ve made the night before

  • Coordinate schedules for the upcoming day including those of Mark Higgins, COO, and Kirat Singh, CEO

  • Start my morning meetings, as well as checking in with the offices in London and Tokyo


  • Review any applications we’ve received for open positions

  • Conduct a 30-minute wellness check-in for the company

  • Connect with a coworker, learn more about them and their life

Last Things

  • Late-night meetings with our offices, and vendors globally

  • Being active, to reach my goal of 10,000 steps a day

  • Spend around 30 minutes each night to plan out my day for tomorrow so I am fully prepared for the next day

Creating My Own Role

At Beacon, I am the head of Business Management and Human Resources. Beacon allowed me to carve out my own place in the company. I am your point of contact in the company from your first interview, and lucky enough to have developed connections with everyone at Beacon. As head of H.R., a part of my job is conducting the onboarding process for new employees. On the business management side, I’m the go-to person for a problem. Pointing people in the right direction and answering any questions that may arise is just one of the many aspects of my role.

Upcoming Goals

Every individual and company has the ability to improve in one way or another. Here at Beacon, we have created a diversity and inclusion committee. This will be an ongoing process. This will take time, and thoughtful decisions will be made; it is not a quick fix. Being a global company, we have people from all walks of life and want everyone to feel valued and that their input is appreciated. I believe Beacon already has a great foundation for this environment, but creating this committee will give this topic the attention it deserves. My goal is to enhance what we have already, to make this a part of our work culture. Volunteering and giving back to our community more is another goal I have for the company.

Great Startup Opportunities

Some opportunities I’ve had working at a startup is creating my own career path. I started at Beacon when there were only a handful of employees. Working at a startup, and watching it grow to now around 80 employees, I have the opportunity to know everyone I work with and the ability to connect with them. Also, Beacon has the flexibility to get involved with anything that interests you. You’re encouraged to express your ideas. We have a “figure it out together” mentality, no one is left to fend for themselves.

What Motivates Me

The people. Everyone encourages each other to do their best work. We all take such pride in our product, and the work we put in, we get out of it. Our individual strengths play off each other to create a successful team.

Fast Trivia:


Personally, uncoordinated. But, I like to watch from a safe distance




When I have time, it’s usually a British program


I love finding new places to travel to. I hope to one day fill my world map with the pins I use to indicate where I’ve gone.


Italian, of course

Favorite Things

Family, travel, and finding new ways to stay active

Joined Beacon

April 2017


Bachelor’s in Finance, Bentley University

First Job

Cold call saleswoman for cemetery plots, I was the #1 performer the summer I did it in college.


York Town, New York

Work Location

New York, but in daily communication with our offices in London and Tokyo.