One Size No Longer Fits All

The increasing diversity and complexity of investment vehicles combined with the growing volume of analytical data has decisively proven that black box, one-size-fits-all trading and risk management systems are too limiting for large-scale asset managers. At the same time, internal solutions often end up creating multiple silos of data and models that neither scale nor adapt quickly enough to the market.

With Beacon Platform, asset managers get a comprehensive set of cross-asset, commodities trading, and risk management applications, integrated with a collaborative, cloud-based development environment. They also get all of the underlying source code for the applications, models, and analytics, so that quant and business developers can quickly and easily add their own extensions. This unique combination of buy and build means that clients are not tied to a software vendor’s development schedule or forced to resort to fragile workarounds. They can quickly design, prototype, deploy, and refine their own functionality, models, analytics, and investment types in one consistent platform at enterprise scale.

3 Ways that Beacon Makes Investment Management more Agile

Beacon’s quant development environment readily integrates with new or existing investment management systems to extend functionality and handle more complex products. Transparent source code and securely shared code and data eliminate silos and solve black box problems. Internal developers can focus on innovating and addressing specific business problems with greater agility and less time spent on infrastructure. Some specific advantages that pension funds and other large investment managers gain from Beacon include:

  • Product-specific extension: Extending the native functionality of order management and investment book of record systems to incorporate unsupported products, such as valuation of select complex derivatives.
  • Functional extension: Adding client-specific functionality to existing order management and investment book of record systems to support unique value-added processes, models, and algorithms.
  • Shared data and analytics: Providing a secure, collaborative workspace and development environment so that portfolio management groups can easily share data and analytics for macro strategies and other planning activities.

About Beacon

Beacon Platform moves financial markets into the future with secure and scalable quant technology, elastic cloud infrastructure, and front-office applications. The integrated development environment and a web application framework make developing applications faster and easier. Born from decades of collective experience developing trading and risk management systems for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan Chase, and Goldman Sachs, Beacon Platform gives you the robustness and flexibility of these powerful tools. See how you can increase the return on research and development investments from Beacon’s next-generation platform for enterprise-scale analytics, trading, risk management, and more at