Advanced technologies are playing an increasing role in financial institutions, as they look to innovate and adapt to fast moving markets, regulatory changes, and new asset types. The growth potential and diversity of the fintech market in EMEA is tremendous, with significant uptake in cloud technologies, data science applications, and quantitative modeling and analytics. To support our clients through these changes, Beacon Platform has been increasing its resources in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), growing by more than 30 percent over the past five months.

Building from a Strong Base

As one of the oldest financial centres in the world, London is also home to one of Beacon’s oldest offices and the centre of Beacon’s EMEA operations. From this location we are spreading throughout the continent, with additional resources now in Germany and our partners StratsLab in Poland with more to come. Remote operations come naturally to us as a cloud-native company, so we concentrate on hiring the best talent that we can throughout the region, regardless of location. As a result we have been able to add a powerful mix of capabilities in engineering, sales, project management, and technical writing, especially people who have previously worked on transformational projects.

Investing in Client and Sales Engineering

The primary objective of this stage of Beacon’s growth in EMEA is increasing our capabilities to support and engage with clients and prospects. To this end we have hired and continue to recruit personnel with a variety of skills and experience, including buy side and sell side institutions and different technology platforms. We are also partnering with the IKEEP research initiative at Bath University to explore the new frontiers of fintech and what it means for our region. Together, these new resources are enabling us to better engage with clients on their specific needs, build a larger pipeline of demos and prospects, and ultimately convert prospects into clients to our mutual benefit.

Transforming Financial Markets

Martin Taylor, Beacon’s new Head of Sales for EMEA, said “The reason why I really wanted to join Beacon is that I think financial markets, whether commodity, energy, or banking, are looking to invest in new technology, to become more agile so they can drive growth and adapt to market needs that perhaps their incumbent systems are struggling to solve.” Whether they are looking to move into cryptocurrencies, disaggregate the risks of holding multiple ETFs, or improve visibility of their cross-asset value at risk, companies that can quickly digitize these processes will better understand their exposure, meet the market needs, and build their competitive edge. This often means not a full front-to-back replacement of systems, but quick digital wins that enable them to get to market quickly and capture new opportunities while they are still fresh. It also means increasing transparency throughout the process, and being able to often meet tight deadlines for regulatory changes. Beacon’s depth of experience in financial markets, from our co-founders to most recent hires, is an essential component of our clients’ success. Beacon is the next generation quant technology, elastic cloud infrastructure platform that gives financial services firms the flexibility, security and scale they need to gain a competitive advantage, regardless of their industry or vertical market targets.