Eric Trucco, Photograph

“It’s clear to me that the people at Beacon weren’t chosen to work here because we all fit a mold. We all have different backgrounds and personalities that play so well off each other. We’re here to better the company, because we all truly believe in what we have to offer. ”


Typical Day

First Things

  • Start off my mornings with a typical french breakfast, filled with sweets and cocoa

  • I like to start my mornings early so I have time to watch a show or write music

  • While watching the news, check emails and Slack to see if anything moved overnight


  • Making sure all deliverables are on track

  • Planning my team’s schedule for the upcoming weeks

  • Check in/ meetings with the London office

 Last Things 

  • Learning and teaching myself more about what Beacon offers

  • Collaboration call with my team

  • Make sure I’ve completed everything that needs to be done


Newly Hired at Beacon

At Beacon, I am a Technical Project Manager. I work on projects across different themes such as our partners in Japan, our clients, and internal projects. I am the middle man between the client and engineers. Interacting with clients to see what they need is so interesting to me; I then relay their wishes to my team. I like to work quickly and efficiently, so creating a schedule/timeline for the project, prioritizing jobs, and keeping it on track are my main goals.


Great Startup Opportunities

There are many opportunities I’ve had working at a startup. Firstly, being able to influence the output of engineers, as opposed to just regulating the timeline. Only very senior people at my previous company had this ability. Also, having the ability to jump into new areas of the job, such as user interface design. I took some classes on my own time and when I shared my ideas, they were appreciated and utilized. If you have an idea here, you have room to run with it. Lastly, the opportunity to be involved in the overall strategy of Beacon’s financial visions from the very beginning. To see that kind of transparency throughout the company is not very common.


What Motivates Me

The impression that I’m being helpful in any aspect energizes me. I love being impactful and a team is the perfect place for me to thrive. To be helpful in many different areas you have to know a lot, so the more I learn, the more I’m able to help. Having something new thrown my way motivates me to do the best I can. One thing I’m excited to be a part of is our new diversity and inclusion committee! It’s something I’m passionate about, and I think Beacon already is extraordinarily inclusive and diverse, so any additional work will make it even better.


 Upcoming Goals

It’s so important to have personal and professional goals. Professionally, I would like to be the anchor of our office in Tokyo. There are so many opportunities to explore on this side of the world. I would like to improve the internal organization and make myself the primary point of contact for our clients, making presentations and discussing their ideas. Collecting product ideas, relaying them to the engineers, and tracking the progress will help out with our team’s responsibilities and make the engineers’ lives easier. This approach gives the clients one person to interact with, so nothing gets lost in the shuffle. I am also striving to improve my technical skills, such as learning coding. These goals are achievable, and I believe that they will have a positive impact on Beacon as a whole.


Fast Trivia:


Listens to anything except J-Pop, writes Acoustic Pop Rock

TV and Movies

Breaking Bad and The Boys


Favorite place I’ve traveled to has to be the Maldives, the scuba diving was amazing.


Comfort food, my favorite dish is roast chicken with fries. It’s the dish my mother makes every time I visit home.

Favorite Things

Music and Photography

Joined Beacon

April, 2020


Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Aix-en-Provence University

Master’s in Political Science, Science Po Lyon

Master’s in Marketing, Waseda University (Japan)


Arles, France

Work Location

Tokyo, Japan