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Beacon App Store & Partners

Beacon clients can sell modules of code to other Beacon clients; and Beacon clients can build applications for their own clients, hosted on their Beacon environment.

As an AWS Technology Partner (Select Tier), Beacon is proud to provide clients with expertise on secure, scalable and cost-effective cloud solutions.

Since 2017, Stratslab and Beacon engineers have been working side-by-side to enhance the Beacon platform and serve our clients. With offices in Warsaw and London, StratsLab combines the world's best IT skills, deep financial knowledge and beautiful UI design to deliver innovative products that support and enhance your business.

To enhance our securitized products solutions, Beacon has integrated Intex structured fixed income data and analytical functionality directly into our systems and services.

GenesisEIP is a suite of cross-asset trading and risk management applications created by Simplex, Inc. a Tokyo-based fintech firm with two decades of success in Japan.  Genesis EIP leverages Beacon to provide customized capital markets solutions to clients globally


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