“Artists are uniquely poised to be amazing engineers because we’re taught to solve problems, and communicate effectively through an artistic medium. Ultimately that kind of complex communication is really the key to not just delivering good code, but also delighting our clients. There’s a beauty and elegance in good code, that’s well tested, well documented, that I find really attractive.”

Typical Day

First Things

  • Start with a cup of coffee, some YouTube (guilty!), and then it’s off to the races
  • Check emails and Slack for any urgent matters, both internal and external
  • Catch up with colleagues in our NY, London, and Tokyo offices to direct the day and week


  • Afternoons are where I really get into code reviews and engineering tasks
  • Lunch break and mid-day meditation
  • Catch up with clients; making sure to collect their feedback, answer questions, advocate for product, demos

Last Things

  • EOD check-ins with Client Engineering to realign and discuss strategy
  • Continuing education on Beacon products; create product marketing and training materials
  • Handover collaboration with other team members


In January 2021, my role shifted from the Glint product team to Client Engineering.  In a nutshell, my work is now more focused on developer advocacy, training, and ensuring that the client’s “technical” experience is one of delight.

Great Startup Opportunities

Beacon allows the freedom for me to exercise all of my talents, both as an engineer and as a creative thinker. Looking back on my 10+ years as a dancer and dance teacher, it was sometimes a challenge to meld those two sides of my brain. Startups tend to look at you more holistically, and then map your assets with projects that best fit.

At Beacon, I’ve had the opportunity to not just carve out my own role and pursue my interests, but also be recognized for my skills in presentation, product marketing, strategy, documentation, and community building.  I now have a more public-facing position where I can bring value through challenges that best fits me.

What Motivates Me

I’m driven by the desire to help others gain a more holistic understanding of Beacon, to build community both internally and externally, and to ensure that our products are easy and fun to use. Part of that means helping to close the feedback loop between client expectations and product roadmaps.

Upcoming Goals 

I’m pushing to launch our newest product offering:  Beacon University. Beacon University is a self-paced massive open online course (MOOC) that presents a curriculum aimed at asynchronous participation and open-access learning. These courses represent the best way for the modern developer to onboard Beacon both fast and seamlessly, to get you as productive, as quickly as possible.

As a developer evangelist, my goal is to delight, train, and empower.  Internally, I help to provide a product template from feedback and documentation to training and eventual adoption and advocacy.  Externally, I teach our end-users how to best leverage Beacon for their commercial goals, make sure their voices are heard for the product, and advocate for more features and extensions.

I am also extremely passionate about our Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, whose mission is to foster a more equitable work environment both within Beacon and as a part of the larger ecosystem.

Fast Trivia:


Modern Dance & Ballet

Theater & Opera

Fashion & Costume Design


  • The Bjork MOMA show in particular was a recent revelation!
  • Philip Glass
  • Laurie Anderson 
  • Megan Thee Stallion 
  • Billie Eilish 


Norway was unforgettable. I got to perform in lots of cool locations there, including Hammerfest, the northernmost city in the world.  It was there, I had the chance to see the Northern Lights.


Any type of meat wrapped in dough has to be my top category of food, think dumplings, raviolis, momos, xiao long baos. Preferably eaten on the street right beside the cart.

Favorite Things

My partner and I have the best dog! Brianna is a gorgeous black Lab+Collie mix with the most endearing personality.

Joined Beacon

July 2018


Dance Choreography and Performance, University of California, San Diego


San Francisco, California

Work Location

New York, New York